5 Must-Try Table Games for Casino Enthusiasts

For casino enthusiasts, the bright lights and excitement of the table games pit are a siren song almost impossible to resist. While stalwarts like blackjack, craps, and roulette retain an unshakeable popularity, part of the thrill lies in discovering new games. Stepping up to an unfamiliar table offers not only the chance to win big but also the allure of learning new skills and strategies.

Here we present five casino table games you can find at LuckyDreams that deserve a spot on any enthusiast’s must-try list. They run the gamut from new twists on old favorites to games hailing from distant lands. We’ll explore what makes each one unique, along with tips to increase your odds. So prepare your bankroll and let’s step up to these thrilling tables!

GameStyleWhat Makes It Unique
Pai Gow PokerCardsBlends poker and Chinese tile game
Three Card PokerCardsHeads-up poker distilled to 3 cards
Sic BoDiceBet on tumbling dice combinations
Casino WarCardsThe highest card wins the card duel
Big Six WheelWheelCarnival-style vertical wheel of fortune

Pai Gow Poker

This hybrid game combines elements of the ancient Chinese tile game Pai Gow with the universally loved card game poker. Each player and the dealer get seven cards to arrange into a five-card poker hand and a two-card hand. The twist? Your five-card hand must beat the dealer’s, while your two-card hand must tie or lose to the house. Mastering Pai Gow strategy means knowing when to pursue high-value hands, and when to intentionally craft low-scoring two-card combinations. With origins halfway around the world, Pai Gow puts an exotic spin on familiar poker gameplay.

Three Card Poker

Streamlining the poker experience down to its bare essence, Three Card Poker plays out in just a few fast-paced rounds. Both you and the dealer get three cards, with no drawing or discarding. Your goal is to craft the best possible poker hand from your trio. Multiple side bet options up the stakes, like the 6 Card Bonus, allowing you to combine your cards with the dealer’s to form the strongest hand. Three Card Poker concentrates all the head-to-head drama of poker into a few tense moments with big payout potential.

Sic Bo

Meaning “dice pair” in Chinese, Sic Bo makes our list as a truly unique dice game worth seeking out. Three dice tumble inside a glass cage, with players betting on outcomes like small (4-10) or big (11-17) totals, triples, and individual dice combinations. Part of Sic Bo’s appeal lies in the variety of bets available, from speculating on an odd or even total to spot-betting on a single number like six. Sic Bo moves fast, with dice rolling in continuous action. This ancient Chinese game of chance offers an exotic change of pace from more common table games.

Casino War

For card game purists devoted to the clean elegance of the 52-card deck, Casino War provides a distilled gaming experience. The rules could hardly get simpler – the highest card wins. Splitting your initial bet with the dealer when the same rank appears amps up the risk-reward ratio. While short on complexity, Casino War more than delivers on fast action. The streamlined gameplay captures a pure head-to-head card duel. Offering a nice change of pace, Casino War is the ideal palate cleanser between more involved table challenges.

Big Six Wheel

The carnival-inspired Big Six beckons from thereviewscasino.com across the globe with its huge vertical wheel marked into 54 equal segments. Players can select which symbols they think the spinning arrow will land on, from jokers and hearts to the star jackpot. Part roulette, part wheel of fortune, this game primes players to let lady luck take the wheel. Big Six presents a nice change of pace, getting players up from the tables to try their chances in a luck-based spectacle. Take a spin on this colossal carnival callback.

Bottom Line

While seasoned gamblers eventually feel the magnetic pullback to old favorites like baccarat, blackjack, and poker, a well-rounded casino enthusiast should be sure to sample these five thrill rides as well. Stepping out of your comfort zone leads to peak gaming moments. Players who seek out unfamiliar tables often unlock bonus prizes, side bets, preferential loyalty programs, and other perks in the process. Savvy players know that sometimes the most electric jackpot waits for just a spin or deal away in a new game.

So on your next casino trip, when you feel the hot streak cooling at your regular game of choice, branch out! Push through that bit of awkwardness that comes from approaching an unfamiliar table or learning new rules. By tempering mastery of classics with a beginner’s curiosity to explore, casino enthusiasts keep the slot machine of excitement primed for the next big payout.

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