Best Apps To Watch Doujindesu Online

Doujindesu entertainment, or movie viewing, has become very convenient given the proliferation of streaming apps that allow us to watch free movies online. Of course, with the growing choices comes the difficulty of actually choosing which app to use.


Best Apps To Watch Doujindesu Online

That said, I am happy to present to you 5 of my best apps from my Pcnok app, where I watch free doujindesu online.


Vudu may be unfamiliar to many, but this app made it to my top five for excellent reasons–it has a wide selection of free movies.

No, it is not your Netflix or Hulu, but for a free app, Vudu does its job of streaming well. Despite a few ads here and there, the streaming is smooth and in HD. Vudu offers newly released doujindesu movies and shows these sooner than Netflix does if Netflix ever does.

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Apart from the free content, you have an option to buy or rent movies at prices at par with that of iTunes. Yes, you can use Vudu on your iOS or Android device.

MX Player

MX Player is a media player with what people would call as OTT or over-the-top streaming service packed with a wide array of contents. Apart from a massive collection of movies and shows, this app includes ten different languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam.

You can also listen to music, watch the news and other shows on MX Player. However, like all other free apps, this one has ads too, so if you are not into ads, then you might get annoyed. Nevertheless, MX Player is a powerful app for streaming free doujindesu movies, and you can do so much with its settings; its features have been said to have beaten that of the famous VLC and other media players. Give it a try to find out.

MX Player download is available for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.


Sony Crackle is another worthwhile app to try. It is said coined as one of the few legit apps that offer free streaming of movies and TV shows, among others. Still, get ready to see some ads in the middle of your viewing.

You’ll never run out of something to watch as Crackle offers a massive good selection of contents, but these are all in SD, so you may want to stream on an HD monitor.

While the collection is impressive, the interface is not as user-friendly as others on our list. The primary downside is the missing search function, which is what makes apps convenient. It makes you wonder why it’s not there. Nevertheless, this is a minor issue when you start experiencing Crackle’s media collection.

You can download Crackle for Android, iOS, and Windows. There are also APKs for this.

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Kodi was initially developed for the Windows gaming console, but it evolved into a free, open-source media player that allows you to play so many media.

Perhaps the best upside of Kodi is its media organization into a beautiful library that you can access in other Kodi devices, so your files are available to you anytime, anywhere. No longer are your data going to be cluttered.

Apart from playing your collection of media files, Kodi allows you to install third-party add ons so that you can play music, doujindesu movies, games, videos, programs, podcasts, and many more. You may visit Kodi’s website for a list of available add-ons.

You may also personalize your Kodi to fit your preference; this is what makes Kodi’s interface far from boring.

While Kodi is available for download to your Android, Windows, OSX, Linux, and even Raspberry Pi. Kodi APK download is also available for you. One big downside is that you cannot run Kodi on iOS and Windows Phone.


Tubi is yet another app with a vast selection of movies and TV shows that will make you binge for long. Again, just like all the other free apps, this one has ads too, and they are unskippable only lasts for 15 to 30 seconds each.

The content library of Tubi is impressive, with 7,500 movies and TV shows. If you want to watch new videos, they are likely to be not in Tubi’s library. However, if you are a fan of TV shows, then this is where you ought to be–Tubi. It even has a “Not on Netflix” so you know you’re getting something others don’t have.

Sadly, unlike other apps that have live programming, Tubi does not offer so. There is also no option of offline viewing, so you need an internet connection to watch–not ideal for places where internet services are inadequate. With all these downsides, why is Tubi in the top five, Tubi has a beautiful collection, that’s why.

Tubi is available for download on your iOS and Android devices. It also has versions for your smart TV and other devices.

Best app to watch Doujindesu – The verdict

Yes, there are other streaming apps worth mentioning, but I’ve only got limited space to talk about such apps. You may also try Proxy sites, but be careful of malware risks and other unsecured accesses.

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