How to Use Artificial Intelligence for A New Business

Nowadays, artificial intelligence (AI) plays an increasingly important role in business, speeding up processes, improving the quality of work and increasing company profits. One of the tools used for this purpose is ChatGPT – a machine learning algorithm that can generate texts based on previously entered data.

Thanks to this, AI tools can be used in many business areas, such as process automation, personalization of communication with customers, optimization of sales processes or automatic content generation. In this article, we will present the best ways to use AI collaborations in your company and discuss the advantages, challenges and examples of its use in various industries.

Artificial intelligence in software for companies from every industry

However, Chat GPT is not the only functional manifestation of artificial intelligence. Modern ERP software for companies has mechanisms in its modules also based on AI algorithms. Here are some examples of AI-powered systems used by the most companies.

l  Accounting and adding cost documents thanks to OCR

Artificial intelligence is used in everyday business processes such as accounting, automatic document approval, order settlement, retrieving information on inventory levels or downloading PDF documents. OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology supported by AI is used for optical text recognition, which is particularly useful in document management such as a PDF file, or more specifically in accounting processes, where key business data must be quickly and accurately recognized and processed.

l  PDF Industry

An AI-powered PDF program transforms PDF files into searchable and editable documents. Such software enables their reuse or digital archiving (including in PDF/A and PDF/UA formats).

The advanced document processing tools with the highest quality of the latest OCR technology and an intuitive interface, built-in AI PDF viewer and quick conversion scenarios enable fast and smooth work with documents.

A good example goes to the latest AI-powered SwifDoo PDF digitize paper and scanned PDF documents for storage and fast, reliable retrieval or instant reuse and editing, you can turn your work or study space into a digital office.

The unrivaled accuracy of its market-leading optical character recognition (OCR) technology, powered by artificial intelligence, simplifies working with paper and scanned documents.

l  Visual Merchandising

AI is also present in Visual Search technology, which is used in e-commerce. This technology allows you to search for products based on images, which can significantly improve user experience and increase sales. They have been used by marketplaces and more advanced online stores for some time now. 

And although traditionally Visual Merchandising refers to the physical presentation of goods and the design of a stationary store, in the context of e-commerce it means applying the same principles and techniques in the online environment, e.g. by creating an attractive and visually coherent presentation of products, encouraging customers to make a purchase.

l  Intelligent automation and robotization of processes

Artificial intelligence is used in the robotization of business processes. Software robots, supported by AI, are able to automatically perform repetitive operations, which shortens the execution time of these operations and eliminates human errors. Robotization significantly increasing work comfort and relieving employees of many tedious tasks. AI is also used to optimize processes and reduce costs.

l  Logistics and warehouse management

AI is used in WMS (Warehouse Management System) systems for warehouse management. Thanks to the use of AI, warehouse processes can be optimized, which translates into better work organization, greater efficiency and cost reduction. AI can support various aspects of warehouse management, from inventory management, through route planning and optimization, to the automation of warehouse processes. 

Software robots, supported by AI, are able to automatically perform repetitive logistics operations, which shortens the implementation time of these operations and eliminates human errors.

In what areas NOT to use AI in business?

Although AI is a great technology to grow your business. However, there are areas where it is not worth using it. Below we will describe various activities that are better to perform on your own and take advantage of the potential of human intelligence.

l  Keyword analysis

Although the AI tool such as ChatGPT seems designed specifically for keyword analysis, its ideas can be misleading. Why? Because ChatGPT has access to data until the end of 2021, it means that it is not able to assess the usefulness of phrases at the current time. 

In practice, the phrases it generates may be useful, but this is not certain – perhaps some of the keywords have already lost their popularity. What can you do about it? If you absolutely want to use ChatGPT to analyze phrases, check their popularity in other tools, e.g. Google Keyword Planner. 

l  Competition analysis

Lack of access to the latest and up-to-date data can also be an obstacle to using an AI tool for competitive analysis. Of course, it is possible that the generated data will be helpful, but it is worth supplementing it with an independent analysis of the competition.

l  Data reporting, analysis and forecasting

Systems based on artificial intelligence will not be effective in reporting and data analysis. This functionality in a specific AI tool is very limited. Also remember that the KPIs of each company will be individual and should be tailored to your goals and resources. 

The best way to identify trends, patterns and insights in your data is to develop your own consistent reporting procedure. 

l  Creating a marketing strategy

Are you building a marketing strategy for your company? Treat the AI tool’s recommendations as guidelines only. An individual marketing strategy requires your personal involvement – after all, you know your goals and possibilities best. An AI tool’s advice may be too general and cryptic.

l  Creating websites

It’s better to leave website creation to specialists. Your website is the heart of your company – you need to invest more in it than an AI tool can offer. In this respect, it is still better to use the support of a web developer who will build a website that takes into account the needs of the recipients, ensures good UX and is adapted to positioning and your needs.

How to use AI in new business? Summary

ChatGPT is a modern AI solution using artificial intelligence, which is worth using not only for content creation. Using ChatGPT and other AI-powered tools such as SwifDoo PDF, you can support customer service in your company, digital document management, support the positioning of your website or store, and develop content for Google Ads campaigns. 

Moreover, thanks to artificial intelligence, you can also develop a new business or find ways and ideas to expand your product offer. Do you want to stay up to date and gain a competitive advantage? Get to know the functionalities of AI collaborations today and ensure the implementation of artificial intelligence in your company.

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