Key Factors To Consider When Selecting A Virtual Reality Consultant

Working with a lot of designers in different mediums like VR and graphics can be frustrating. Artists and code gurus can sometimes speak a different language than upfront sales and business builders. That’s why I highly suggest you bring in people like virtual reality consultants to help you manage your project.

VR is so new though, how do you even find a good consultant? After hiring and firing many designers and consultants alike, I’ve found three “must have” factors that I will verify before working with someone. I need to be efficient with my time, so any filter I can create to help me with that I’m all about.

Here’s what you should look for when you’re on the hunt for the perfect VR team.

1) Virtual Reality Consultants Should Know What They’re Doing

As simple as that sounds, when you’re not in the world of VR how would you know? This industry is changing so much. I just watched the documentary “We Met in Virtual Reality” and I was blown away. Coding, and our understanding of it, is constantly changing. That means you need a team who can keep up with the fast pace movement of this technology. When meeting prospective consultants, ask them about their background in virtual reality and in coding. Ask them why they’ve chosen this particular vector of tech. Finding people who are almost annoyingly passionate are exactly what you’re looking for.

2) They Need to Be Able to Completely Customize Your VR Experience

Your needs are unique. Whoever you work with, they need to be able to listen to you when you explain what it is you need and what you want to show. Then, they’ll need to take that conversation and create a virtual reality program that fits your business model. Bridging the gap between the technology jargon and functional business needs are crucial. You want to avoid going back and forth on design and errors.

3) If They Build VR Programs In-House You’ll Get Unmatchable Help

Working with a company that is just a middle man to the design might leave you with some bottlenecks. You’ll have to wait while the virtual reality consultants you hired run around trying to pin down designers. This can be a frustrating process that wastes a lot of time. You need a team who’s found a way to hold everything together while streamlining. When they’ve designed your VR program in-house, you have access to expert knowledge and excellent customer service. Ultimately you end up with a way better product and fantastic support.

Look for the Pros Who Do it Themselves

As far as it goes with searching for virtual reality consultants, finding a team who does most everything on their own is probably your best bet. They’ll be able to walk you through any issues and provide the best customer service because it’s their tech. However, you don’t just need a pro on your side, you need someone who can listen and understand your needs. Genius means nothing if they can’t accurately apply it to your situation!

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