Top 4 Apps That Have the Best UX Design

Modern business is continuously on the run. Similarly, it is changing continuously, bringing in new trends and innovations to give the best user experience to customers. Therefore, you must check your UX design whenever you build an app or website. It is the thing that will bring customers to your application.  

In the next section, we will tell you about the applications whose UX design can serve as an inspiration for websites. Furthermore, you can study them fluently to align your color, vision, and ideas in the application. That way, you can increase the ROI of your website.  

So, let’s begin the discussion in the next part.  

Top Apps That Have The Best UX Design  

An app design decides the fate of the company and the application. It is icing on the cake that will increase the ROI of your application and customer retention. Hence, companies pay a fortune to UX designers to design the website properly.  

Here are a few applications from where you can take inspiration for your own application –  


It is one of the biggest room rental companies in the world. They thrive in the modern business ecosystem due to their brilliant UX design. The aesthetics and icons support the mission and vision of the company as they seek to show a luxurious feeling while booking a room.  

Furthermore, Airbnb uses the power of simplicity to attract new users to the platform and keep the previous customers on the app. Also, their UX design is based on the locations. That way, they can add unique culture to the application and make it easier for the people to use. Lastly, the application shows everything a customer needs to search relevant rooms for their travel and stay.  


Another rental application whose UX designs bring customers over and over again. Therefore, the company’s stakeholders continue to enhance their UX design. That way, users can easily locate the place they want to reach and get the necessary vehicle you need to go. Icons used for each way of commute make it easier for customers to choose their car and travel through it. 

Furthermore, users can track their drivers before they take them to their known places. Also, when you search different locations, you will have a seamless experience using it.  That way, you can see such an increase in the ROI and growth of the company.  


Coursera is one of the biggest learning platforms in the world. Even Google recommends them. The main reason is their UX design, which seeks to enable users to choose a course. Furthermore, their usage of blue reflects the wisdom and stability one will get after a course in Coursera.  

Moreover, searching for different courses in the application and enhancing your experience while traveling through the website is easy. With easy navigation and over 1000+ courses, you can easily choose one of your own to improve your skills and knowledge on different subjects.   


If you want to see the fun of colors and illustrations, you can open the Duolingo application. The application seeks to teach various languages spoken all over the world. The application uses different colors, ranging from bold to light, to attract and keep users hooked. Furthermore, you can see the illustration usage, making learning more engaging and fun.  

Therefore, if you are looking for inspiration, you can definitely use the app. Also, the app dictates your learning process and shows you what stage you are at and how you can become a pro at a new language. Its UX design is both engaging and informational. `    

The Bottom Line  

In the end, you can take inspiration from the applications, which will teach you about the different facets of UX design and how to use them properly. So, study these applications properly to get the best UX design to increase the ROI of your application.  


Here are a few frequently asked questions –  

Which app has a good UX design? 

Instagram is known as the app with the best UX design.  

Do UX designers work on apps? 

They are working on making the app human-friendly so that users can use it easily.  

Is Figma the best for UX? 

It is the best application for UX designers to use when designing websites.

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