Online Casino Bonuses: 5 Questions That Are On Every Player’s Mind

“Casino bonuses” are perhaps the most popular Google search if we take searches related to gambling. It’s not that players are into it due to these perks solely. But they certainly matter. It’s just that not everyone understands how they work and what value they actually imply.

Aren’t Bonuses Just a Marketing Trick?

Of course, casino bonuses are marketing tricks. Of course, they are a lure to get players to deposit more money. But that doesn’t mean players can’t get their portion of benefits. They just need a smart approach.

A wise use of bonuses can

  • extend your gameplay
  • let you explore new games risk-free
  • increase your winnings (because it’ll increase your bets).

What’s that wise use about? Most notably, it’s about understanding the terms and conditions of each bonus. Go to the trustly casino website. See the variety of bonus offers there? Now, your task is to study their wagering requirements, time restrictions, and game restrictions. Based on this, you’ll decide whether an offer is valuable to you personally or now.

Do Bigger Bonuses Mean Bigger Value for a Player?

Intuitively, it feels as though the larger the bonus, the better the deal. But it’s not exactly like this. The true value of a bonus depends on the aforementioned wagering requirements and other terms. A huge bonus with high wagering requirements might be less valuable than a smaller bonus with more favorable conditions.

For instance, let’s take a welcome deposit bonus of up to $1000. That is, you deposit $1,000 and they give you $1,000 more. Very often, this bonus must be wagered 50 times. This means that you will need to wager $50,000 before you can collect your wins. Sounds not very feasible, does it?

In contrast to this, let’s take the welcome offer at Brunocasino. For your first deposit, they give you about $150. The wagering requirement is 40x. That is, you need to wager just $6,000. Sounds much more realistic than the requirement to wager $50,000, right? As you see, the real value isn’t visible until you perform some calculations.

Are No-Deposit Bonuses the Most Valuable of All?

There are two things everyone knows about no-deposit bonuses. They are rare and don’t require you to risk your money. Based on this, some conclude they must be the best type of bonus.

In reality, the fact that a bonus doesn’t require a deposit doesn’t say anything about its value. This bonus may have strict wagering requirements and withdrawal limits. Again, if a casino offers something to you, your primary task is to find out what’s asked in return. If you like the terms, a no-deposit bonus is valuable, if you don’t, there’s no point using it.

Can You Get Bonus Offers Outside a Casino?

Those new to gambling often think that casino sites are the only sources of bonuses and promotions. That’s not so! Many casinos extend exclusive bonus offers through 

  • review sites (e.g., ORDB)
  • affiliate links
  • newsletters
  • social media platforms.

Does Regular Play Give You More Perks?

Loyalty is of great importance to gambling sites so they do their best to encourage it. That’s why regular play often qualifies you for additional perks through loyalty programs and VIP clubs.

These two typically work like this (though there may be some differences in the mechanics):

  • You play regularly at one casino.
  • You accumulate loyalty points.
  • These points elevate your status (move you to a higher tier).
  • At a higher tier, you unlock better perks.

It all may look like this but the size and types of perks are, of course, approximate.

BronzeBasic bonuses and promotionsWelcome bonus, weekly free spins
SolverModerate bonuses, faster payouts10% higher bonus rates, priority customer service
GoldHigh cashback, personal account managerUp to 20% cashback, dedicated support
PlatinumCustom bonuses, exclusive event invites, highest cashbackTailored reload bonuses, invitations to special tournaments, up to 30% cashback
DiamondAll Platinum benefits plus higher withdrawal limits and special giftsVIP-only promotions, gifts like electronics or vacations, increased withdrawal limits


So, do casinos try to encourage you to spend more with their promotions? Of course, they do! Does this mean you can’t benefit from them? Not at all! As you have just seen, you can very well get your portion of the benefits if you approach these promotions thoughtfully.

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