Comparison of Royal Reels and Sky Crown Online Casinos

Royal Reels Online Casino is a unique online casino using BetSoft software as well as a variety of other software providers. It is owned and managed by Casino Royal Club and is licensed under the jurisdiction of Curacao. Royal Reels Online Casino is a really professional and wonderful looking place to play, thanks to the fact, that Betsoft Gaming has developed fantastic and modern designs for a number of online games, not only in Royal Reels Online Casino. This software ensures that all the games offered on Royal Reels Casino are of the best quality graphics and rewarding features.

There is a wide range of games including most popular slots, 3D Slots and the unique iSlots, which are the most favorite at Royal Reels. Also, a table game lovers will find most of their favorites on Royal Reels Online Casino like Blackjack or Roulette, and the Video Poker players can expect a good variety of games and huge jackpots. However, there are still a number of classic casino games missing from the site and for the moment there is no live casino option. On the other hand, Sky Crown Online Casino has over 14 years and is one of the oldest online gaming brands in the business, this site has established a reputation of a professional and fair and it is also knows as the most secure and trusted in the industry.

The Casino Sky Crown offers everything, what a real casino’s lover needs. Starting from the best casino games in the world to the most secure protection system for your money. All the games contained by Casino Sky Crown are testes and approved by independent online gaming regulators, so You can be sure that You are playing only the best and fair games. In addition, there is a special feature in Sky Crown Online Casino called “Live Casino”, what in royalreels is missing. Thanks to it, You can feel the atmosphere of the real casino but keep Your privacy and comfort of Your own home.

Overview of Royal Reels Online Casino

AHAs the name suggests, this online Casino takes a royal approach to Casino gambling. This Casino provides a wide variety of Casino games including some with progressive jackpots. Players at this Casino will without doubt be treated as the king and Queen who are always surrounded by the royal family and wealth. Players at Royal Reels online Casino will find a wide selection of games from reputable game providers. This includes a massive selection of video slots, jackpot games, table games, roulette, blackjack baccarat and live dealer games. Some of the best Casino game providers include the likes of BetSoft, Playson, Microgaming, NextGen, iSoftBet and NetEnt.

This no deposit Casino can also be played on tablets and mobile phones. The Casino offers an immersive experience with all the games played simply in the comfort of the royal palace designed front and experiencing royal wins. Finally, this Casino provides trusted and convenient deposit and withdrawal methods. Owing to the latest in the world of technology and making good use of the encryption software, all the transactions made in the Casino -whether online or mobile- are safe and secure. This Casino allows transactions from eWallets such as Skrill, PayPal, ecoPayz and Neteller, and visa and master card. He further added that the software automatically creates a ledger or a ‘live trading account’ for any particular player.

In this type of account, the profits, losses, and access to the deposited funds are managed according to the specific preferences set by the player. This allows the players to comply with industry standards in responsible online gambling as they have a way to monitor and control the amount of time and money invested in the games.

Overview of Sky Crown Online Casino

Sky Crown Online Casino is a new gambling platform that targets at offering an exciting and secure gaming experience to customers. Unlike Royal Reels Casino, this casino has a mobile supported site which enables players to play games on the go on their smartphones and tablets. There is also no any previous history of unethical behaviour in any forms in terms of the platform management and the experienced professional team which is headed by Lady hedutor is keen to maintain the good reputation of the brand and to protect the customers.

A customer of Sky Crown Casino can play games online at their home, enjoy at the casino club or relax and play games at the office during breaks. The platform is powered by a solid brand Betable; which makes this platform live up to its commitment where it always puts security and transparency at the forefront in order to provide a peace of minds to the customers. These are some of the main noticeable differences between the Sky Crown and Royal Reels Casinos which are very important in the comparison analysis of the two casinos.

Game Selection

Also the variety of slot games and table games is wonderful. Clean layout makes it easy to see what slot games and table games are available. The games can be organized in a variety of ways which include favorites and alphabetically for slot games. This section has seven subsections to display all available slot games to choose from. At the Royal Reels, players can get to try their luck on any type of slot game including the new slots, popular slots and jackpot slots. Also for the table games, players are given a chance to play roulette, blackjack, poker and even baccarat.

The Royal Reels offers a wider selection of table games. Variety seems to be the Spice of Life at Royal Reels. While slot games and table games are the most popular gaming options at online casinos, the same games can eventually get repetitive and boring to the player. However, the Royal Reels offers a captivating variety player in terms of slot games and table games. The commercially developed slot games at the Royal Reels are all about the slot games and jackpots. These games include Ancient Thunder, Cherries Gone Wild, Diamond Panther among others. The personally developed games at Royal Reels give the player an unique experience for the player and these type of games include Ember Bear, Mines of Gold, Magician and Golden Wish. These games are exceptional and players would not find it anywhere else.

The Sky Crown offers only one type of each classic table game and a very small selection of slot games. The players are only given a choice to play American Roulette and single hand blackjack under the table games. On the other hand, the slot games section only offers a choice of twelve games. Also, the layout of the games offered is cluttered and untidy. The size of the images used to represent the slot games on the website is large and this means that the players have to scroll extensively to review every game option. Overall, the digital environment on Sky Crown is not very welcoming and opening to the player compared to the Royal Reels. The tables are busy, cramped and full of disorganized information. Also, color contrasts between the text and background sometimes make it difficult and harder for the player to read the text descriptions and game display. The lack of variety in the slot game selection and the table game selection is also striking. All in all, the lack of organization and variety in the table games and slot games really makes the Sky Crown a less attractive choice when compared to Royal Reels.

Variety of Slot Games

Turning to the variety of slot games available in both casinos, it was found that Royal Reels boasts a much more extensive selection compared to Sky Crown. Royal Reels offers a vast range of slot games from some of the top providers in the industry. With over 450 slot games, it is safe to say that there is a game to suit everyone’s preferences. In addition to this, there are over 20 jackpot slots available to play, offering players the chance to win big. On the other hand, Sky Crown offers just over 200 slot games and approximately 5 jackpot slots. Whilst Sky Crown does provide a good selection of slot games, it is clear that Royal Reels offers a much wider variety, which is something that has been invaluable in attracting new customers.

The ‘recommended’ slot games sections were also compared in light of the investigation as to whether these casinos use the same tactics. It was found that the selection of slot games marked as ‘recommended’ differs in both casinos, with no identical games appearing in both Royal Reels and Sky Crown. The only similarity was found in the fact that both ‘recommended’ pages had a small section of ‘new games’, suggesting that Royal Reels and Sky Crown have been updating their slot games library at roughly the same time. However, as Royal Reels offer a much larger selection of games, it was found that these pages are updated more frequently when compared to the Sky Crown ‘recommended’ games section. This was solidified by the fact that the most recent game featured in the Royal Reels ‘recommended’ section was released 3 days prior to the analysis, whereas the most recent game on the Sky Crown ‘recommended’ section was released 6 days before the analysis. Overall, it can be concluded that Royal Reels offer a more up to date and varied selection of slot games when compared with Sky Crown, as not only are more games available in Royal Reels, they are updated and changed more frequently too.

Table Games Offered

Sky Crown tables are found within a designated “table games” section of their main gaming area, while Royal Reels combines them into a single “table and card games” category. As with the slots, Royal Reels offers just over ten different table games, whereas Sky Crown provides almost double this amount with a total of eighteen games. Both casinos follow the same format when it comes to managing the table games – a grid layout is used, with a thumbnail for each game accompanied by a title. However, it was found that Sky Crown provided more advanced sorting options, allowing games within the “table games” section to be ordered by “newness”, “popularity” or alphabetically, providing greater convenience for users who may have a preferred way to search for games.

A potential drawback for users at Sky Crown is the fact that game graphics cannot be slightly expanded within the grid layout, which a user can do at Royal Reels. However, it was found that this feature had little impact due to the fact that there are so many games to compare to at Sky Crown. One distinct difference with the table games offered at the two online casinos is that Royal Reels offers a “demo mode” for almost all of the games, meaning that users can play for free as a way of trialing them. This option is not available at Sky Crown, where customers are required to be logged in to their account and have a funded wallet in order to play the games.

Live Casino Options

By comparison, Sky Crown offers what seems like an infinite number of live casino choices. They have multiple live blackjack, live roulette, and live poker options to choose from, each run by a different dealer with unique backgrounds. Sky Crown also offers Mystery Roulette, a unique game that is only offered for live play. In Mystery Roulette, players place their bets, and spins work exactly as they do in a traditional game of live roulette. However, with each spin, a large machine in the background releases a number of randomly selected multipliers, which will multiply a random selection of payouts on different bets on the table for that specific round. I find this to be a personally enjoyable and unique game and the fact that it is only available for live play through Sky Crown enhances my enjoyment.

Finally, and arguably one of the most impressive game options available, is Split Screen Live Roulette. This live roulette game differs from others in that rather than watching just one roulette table, players can see multiple on one screen, with the middle being made up of one large table and the sides being two smaller ones. In addition, the game is set in a digital, high-tech environment rather than the traditional casino setting seen with other live roulette choices in this casino, giving a different gaming experience. Overall, the range of live casino games and types on offer in comparison to Royal Reels is incredibly diverse in Sky Crown – with more variation in game types, unique game options and new gaming styles all available, it seems to cater for all types of players, and with continually updating and adding new games, it manages to stay exciting and fresh over time also.

Each section was tested by researching each method and playing a few rounds of different games. Sky Crown has proven to be quite the live casino powerhouse, and it can offer far beyond what I would consider an average player would expect to find to play – I never knew that so many different types of games and play styles existed before writing this review!

Bonuses and Promotions

As many wise internet users know, a good gambling site will offer decent sign up and welcome bonuses. Both Sky Crown and Royal Reels do not disappoint, offering a rather generous 200% bonus on the first deposit. However, once again, Sky Crown wins with a possible ¿1,500\ cash back bonus compared to the lower maximum ¿250\ cash out of Royal Reels. Moreover, a Sky Crown member will receive around ¿2,000\ in total bonus money. This is far more than the ¿500\ in Royal Reels. Meanwhile, better bonus progress can also be seen on the machine; after a few rounds, a  Storehouse  additional round is triggered, offering as mentioned up to ¿1,500\ cash back.

In contrast, the Boat in the Royal Reels Bonus does not allow particularly much personal input, directing the user to click and hope for a larger win but not offering the same customisable experience. Considering the very similar sign up bonus both sites offer, the far superior cash back bonus offered by Sky Crown makes it a clear winner here as well. For ease of comparison, it is also worth noting how cash back is not really a common bonus and thus it is unique for Sky Crown to have such a promotion. On the whole then, it is fair to say that the bonuses that Sky Crown offers are more frequent and generally superior to those offered by Royal Reels.

However, it could be that the type of bonuses appeal to different types of players; those who enjoy constantly and quickly winning small bonus amounts may prefer Royal Reels, where a more patient player who is prepared to save up for bigger wins may like Sky Crown. With this in mind, the different kind of bonuses could accommodate the different wants and needs of any potential new members.

Welcome Bonuses

Sky Crown offers a three-part Welcome Bonus that consists of three separate matched deposit bonuses. Royal Reels, on the other hand, matches your first two deposits with corresponding bonuses and adds a 100 free spins to the mix. However, Royal Reels has a wagering requirement of 35x, which has to be met within seven days, whereas Sky Crown has a 40x requirement, which must be met within 30 days. This means that in terms of relative bonuses, Royal Reels has the better offer, with 200% on the first deposit up to $450 and 300% on the second deposit up to $600, in comparison to Sky Crown’s three bonuses of 100%, 150% and 200%, each with lower financial caps. However, players are likely to find Royal Reel’s restrictions and shorter timeframe make it harder to take full advantage of this bonus. With the longer time frame and lower wagering requirement of Sky Crown’s offer, it’s likely this would be the more advantageous bonus during play.

Loyalty Programs

So as to reward those players who remain active and loyal to the casino, both of these online casinos, Royal Reels and Sky Crown, have developed loyalty programs. Firstly, the Royal Reels casino has developed a loyalty program that has been customized to improve interaction between the casino and the player in order to enhance the player’s experience. Under the loyalty Program, the players earn points by making deposits using specific deposit bonus codes and by playing of various games that are eligible to the loyalty points program. The player is placed at a specific level between Jack, Queen and King depending on the number of points that he or she earns. Most of Royal Reels games offer players the chance to earn more points and to maximize the benefits.

Through the program, the players are able to earn free chips, free spins, cash and reload bonus among many more. On the other hand, Sky Crown has implemented a very detailed Star Loyalty Program that has been structured to reward all players regardless of the size of their bankroll. Notably, the program has a tier based system with at least eight levels namely; browns star, silver star, gold star, crystal star, emerald star, sapphire star, ruby star and the diamond star which is the highest tier. For each $10 wager in the casino, the player earns a star that is accumulated in order to progress through the various Star Loyalty levels. The first two levels namely Brown and Silver Stars are entry levels that provides an insurance bonus and a connection bonus. However, as the player progress to the higher levels such as the Crystal Stars, enhanced connection bonus, insurance bonus and other recreational event tickets become available as progressive benefits.

Players at advanced levels of Star loyalty program enjoy enhanced bonuses and the players at the top level, the Diamond star, receives a 3-day stay in the luxury resorts, a private VIP support number, a gift of $500 and a personal account manager. Also, at the Sky Crown Online Casino, points earned in the loyalty program can be redeemed and used in any of the several casinos in the Sky Crown Group. This program therefore ensures that players are rewarded with wide range of benefits and choice of how to receive and utilize the accrued points. Well, having gone through the various bonuses and promotions offered by both casinos, it can be concluded that the two online casinos have keenly tried to utilize the bonuses and promotions as effective marketing strategies with an aim of lowering the cost of acquiring new customers and at the same time, increasing the customer loyalty. A comparison between the Royal Reels and Sky Crown Online Casinos with proper evaluation of the bonuses and promotions offered could be a vital step in helping a player to make an informed decision on which casino to place a bet.

Regular Promotions

This is a fun and easy to follow slot. When you get 3 Film Projector symbols on a winning pay line, you will trigger the Royal Reels Bonus, where you would “Pick One” for instant credits. Apart from that, a lot of the rules of these two games are pretty similar too so you can apply much of the same advice. For example, both games are regular slot games, and as such the standard rules of slots apply, where you are looking to match up 3 symbols adjacently on a win line. Besides offering good game selection, Sky Crown casino has a bunch of regular promotions available for members to avail of.

These promotions include offerings such as free spins, or earning points on the popular Sky Crown Casino Rewards Loyalty program. On top of that, members can avail of something every day of the week, with promotions tailored for each day. Every Monday, players can receive a 50% deposit offer up to $50. This means players can deposit up to $100 and have $150 to play with. Creative software for this machine was developed by BetSoft. Royal Reels is a 5-reel, 30 pay line progressive slot, that carries a jackpot valued at 2,000 coins. This game is based on classic, regal emblems for its lower paying symbols, and a Crown, Royal Banner, and the King’s Seal for higher pay-ins. Players can bet anywhere from $0.02 right up to $0.50 per line, meaning the maximum stake per spin (if all pay lines are in play) would be $150. This game is a popular choice due to its frequent, small wins which are seen by the relatively high hit frequency. No wilds, no interactive scatter symbols. Various artists display and media such as a film project and royal crown, in 2 and 3 dimentions for user’s enjoyment. This is a slot for the players who prefer little wins often, rather than long waits for bigger wins.

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